College Council - February 5, 2013

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Call to Order: The meeting convened at 3:06 pm in the Presidential Board Room



Joy McEldery, Mark Berg, Tiffany Gray, Ealish Matrisian, Peggy Sharp, Eric Gresseth, Carol Howe, Alison Stevens, Scott Rausch, Rodolfo Franco, Jack Bautsch (council staff)

Town Hall Panel:


The Panel decided to postpone the Town Hall Meeting till March 11th 2013 to make room for additional preparation and coordination. Panel members gathered and discussed the meeting agenda, form and the purpose of each member and what they would like to share with the community. The location has not changed and will still be held in the Baxter Center from 1 – 3pm. The Panel member list: Tom Braziunas, Sharon Simes / Aryana Bates, Chelsea Ackerman, Mark Berg, Scott Rausch, Wes Morrow.

Cheating and Plagiarism:


The council reviewed last year’s initiative regarding cheating and plagiarism and the survey that was administered to both the student and faculty community. Points that were raised from viewing the survey results include:

- There is disparity and an inverse relation between student vs. faculty percentages pertaining to questions a) Do you believe there is a cheating problem at North Seattle? and b) Do you believe there is a plagiarism problem at North Seattle?

- Instructors may face a difficult time reporting students suspected of cheating while maintaining respect and trust amongst their class(es).

- Prevention will play a pivotal role in stopping cheating and plagiarism occurrences.

- It is important that faculty are supported in upholding academic professionalism both in instruction and learning.

- Perhaps North could consider a disciplinary committee, modeled on those of other institutions.

- When discussing this topic, it’s important to consider how access to information has changed in recent years. Information is easily and readily accessible with the tools of internet and mobile devices. Is it reasonable then, to expect that students will not use these tools? A more productive focus might be to reevaluate how we assess students. By placing an emphasis on how information is applied we can more effectively measure what the students’ have learned. In this type of assessment, a student’s parroting of information (copy, paste) would not be enough to achieve a good grade.



The council passed a motion to deliver to CAS the cheating and plagiarism data and recommends that they take a lead role on the issue. Yes







McEldery, Berg, Gray, Matrisian, Sharp, Gresseth, Howe, Stevens, Rausch, Franco




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Has there not been a meeting since Feb. 5th? Is College Council only meeting once a quarter?



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